Don Pascual’s Opera Love Is Everywhere!

Don Pascual's Opera

Don Pascual‘s Opera Love Is Everywhere!

Don Pascual’s opera is a comedy made by people who hide their truth and pass their sad love stories. Written by Italian author Gaetano Donizetti, in 1842. The work is currently on display at the Zurich Opera House. The championship is played by French soprano Julie Fox and German Baritone Johann Martin Kransleh.

The story begins when Don Pascale feels that he does not like his sole heir, Ernesto. Therefore, the rich old man decides to marry a woman in order to inherit from her nephew! Doctor Malatista persuades Don Pascual to marry his sister, “Sofronia”. But this girl is nothing but Norena’s mistress Norena. After marriage, the life of the old man turns into hell because he feels that his old wife is cheating on him. And when he tries to get it into the trap, he turns against him. A tragic story presented with a funny template!

Baritone singer, Johannas Martin Kransleh, told us about Don Pascual’s character that he performs: “All shows appear without Don Pascual as a miserable person carrying a bladder of hot water all the time. So we asked ourselves how do we draw the character differently than usual.”

As for the Sabrano Julie Fox, she told , about the character that performed it: “Norina’s role is very fun, because she is cute. And we emphasized the comic side that is hidden in this work. During the work the young woman says she knows how to deal with men well. With one look she understands whether she should demonstrate. Crying, sighing, or showing weakness. ” As for Christoph Lowe, the director of the work, he said about her: “I wanted to show Norena as a woman who would discover new things in herself by meeting with Don Pascual, a kind of moral conscience!”

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