Types Of Drawing

Types Of Drawing

1-Abstract drawing

This type of drawing is called non-representative art, or sculpture, or graphic art in which things are not depicted from the visible world. This drawing also consists of abstract elements which are the elements of shape, color, line, and texture, and this type of drawing has been used. Before the twentieth century by a group of artists, to describe, clarify, or reproduce the world of nature and human civilization in another body, in addition to the fact that the detailed, cross-sectional concept in this type of painting overcomes the expressive concept.

2-Decorative drawing

This type of painting is performed by the ornaments, but due to they are specializing in specific occupations and fields, they are known among the general public as craftsmen, and among the pieces of art that depend on their production on the decorative painting: textiles, ceramics, in addition to many pieces of furniture, carpets , Fabrics, pottery, cutlery, and other tools of wood and metalwork, which are considered part of the decorative arts.

3-Raster drawing

Raster drawing is known as a technique used in the art of impressionist photography, and is drawn by small points of pure colors, to appear mixed together and united for the viewer, and this technique was developed by the painter George Sora to create the largest possible brilliance of colors.


Caricature is defined as an image, description, or imitation of a person’s or something’s object, in which striking characteristics are amplified in order to create a comic effect, and this drawing is applied by taking an attribute, or prominent feature, and exaggerated and drawn in a way Quirky, as the characteristics of animals, birds, or plants are replaced by parts of the human being, which is meant to entertain people and provide interesting content.

5-Cartoon drawing

Cartoon is considered one of the known types of drawing, and this kind of drawings started on textiles and mosaics. At the present time, cartoons are the last stage of the cartoon series, and they have acquired a new meaning, which is creating a parody simulation, or a reproduction drawing and it is often highlighted By writing, commenting, or dialogue.

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