The Most Beautiful Palace In The World

The Most Beautiful Palace In The World

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is located in the city of Mysore, located in the southern part of India, where its history dates back to the fourteenth century AD. and is considered the most beautiful palace on the face of the globe; it represents an amazing architectural masterpiece. as it was built on its three floors, in accordance with a wonderful mixture of Gothic and Hindu architecture, It is also one of the most prominent attractions in India.

Mysore Palace is characterized by a stunning architectural design, thanks to the design of this masterpiece belongs to the English architect Henry Irwin, and it is reported that the cost of its construction amounted to about 4.5 million dollars. It is worth noting that the building of the three-story palace structure was completely made of stone, where a main tower consisting of five floors protrudes from the structure, and the palace roofs are decorated with a number of wonderful marble domes, and attention was paid to the interior design of the palace, where there are carved wooden doors, The walls and floors are decorated with several wonderful paintings that embody the history of the palace, in addition to amazing mosaic panels. The magnificent view of the palace cannot be described during the night. About 100,000 light bulbs are illuminated to highlight the stunning architectural beauty of the palace.

The Mysore Palace is considered a historical monument, and this ancient building was previously the residence of the royal Odaiyar family, and it remained in its wooden design until the year 1897 AD, where it was damaged, and destroyed. More recently, the palace has been converted into a museum that displays many artifacts, such as: royal clothes, gifts for kings, a collection of rare memorial paintings, royal jewelry, and many others.

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