Light of Faith Palace

Light of Faith Palace

Light of Faith Palace

The Light of Faith Palace in Brunei is the largest residential palace in the world in terms of area, with an area of nearly 200,000 square meters, which is the official residence of the twenty-ninth Sultan of Brunei Hassan al-Balqiyya. The huge palace is located eight kilometers south of the capital of Brunei. By the Filipino architect Leonardo Luxin, who blended Bruni Islamic architecture with traditional Malaysian designs, while the interior was designed by Juan Qiu.
Noor al-Iman Palace is four times the area of Versailles Palace, as it contains approximately 1,788 rooms, 257 bathrooms, and air-conditioned stables intended for the Sultan’s polo ponies. It is the seat of the government of Brunei, where the Sultan makes his official statements from within the palace, and also houses the Prime Minister’s Office, and the throne room that is used to carry out official duties, such as the anniversary of the annual inauguration.

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Nur al-Iman Palace is one of the most beautiful residential palaces in the world, and is three times larger than Buckingham Palace, but it is impossible to photograph, due to the presence of the fence and the thick trees around it, and it can be visited by walking to the intersection of Jalan Sultan Road and Jalan Tutong, then taking a purple purple bus ,and is characterized by being surrounded by natural scenery along the Brunei River, and its surprising shape is also especially if it is seen at night from the nearby (Persiaran Damuan) Park, which includes sculptures by famous artists from Southeast Asia.
The construction of the palace began in 1981, and its construction was completed in 1984, at a cost of 1.4 billion dollars, during Brunei’s independence from Britain. The traditional architecture is blended with luxurious contemporary decor in the palace, and this is shown by Italian marble, English glass, and granite made from Shanghai. Thirty-eight different types of marble were used to decorate the interior of the palace. It is indicated that the palace contains forty-four stairs, eighteen elevators made of ancient and varied marble, five large pools, a mosque that can accommodate 1,500 people, and a celebration room that accommodates 5,000 visitors.

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