Chameleon Wonders

Chameleon Wonders.

Chameleon is a creeping animal that belongs to the family of lizards, and it is the largest family in it, where more than 80 species descend from it, and they are cold-blooded, characterized by their ability to change the color of their skin very quickly with colors that match the color of the surrounding environment.

-They look like dinosaurs.

-It has two circular eyes that stand out slightly from the head, and each eye is able to rotate up to 360 degrees, as each of them moves separately.

-Chameleon changes its color

-The reason for the chameleon color change are the conditions in which the chameleon passes through a feeling of relaxation, fear, or anger, as well as the temperatures around it from hot weather and cold weather.


After mating, chameleons bear eggs for a period of 3-6 weeks, and this time varies from one type to another, and the female can fertilize her eggs in the following year from the sperm stock that is kept by any without new mating.


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